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Manuels is located at the southeast end of CBS at the mouth of the Manuels River. Manuels has been a part of CBS since 1971.

There are several traditions concerning the orgin of the name. The first deals with the corruption of man o'war-from a deserting sailor who took refuge in the area. The second and third deal with the Manuels River. First it was said it was named by the explorer Gaspar Corte-Real, after his patron, King Manuel of Portugal. Then it was said that the name possibly came from the English name Manuel, a family name associated with Lower Island Cove.

In 1845 it was recorded that there were 74 people in 10 families. The majority of the people of Manuels engaged in the inshore fishery, but once the road was bulit to St. John's in the 1840's the farming greatly increased. The community was connected by the St. John's railway and in July the first railway "outing" to Manuels was orgianized.

Manuels was also the site of The Villa Nova Orphanage. A monument still stands to this day in Bannerman Park in memory of the tragic events this orphanage endured.

The population of Manuels increased dramatically beyond the capability of its one room school to accomodate. Thus, in 1962, Holy Spirit High School was opened.